Underlined Text


Is there any way to present underlined text?
I see that there are option to set the text as Bold or Italic, but not underline.


Superlab does not have an option for underlining text. To help us plan for possible feature additions in the future, do you need to underline all of the words in a text event? Or do you need to underline just one word in the phrase?

It would be better if I could be able to underline all the words in a text event.

For example: RED

I am designing a Stroop task with some of the words underlined with the same color as the stimulus word.
This needs to be done to discourage squinting/out-focusing on the part of the participants by requiring them to specify underlined words with a different response.

I have seen this technique used in a panel presentation of Stroop words, but not in a individually presentation of Stroop words.

Thank you very much for the feedback. This has been noted by our development team.