Unable to send event markers via USB using MATLAB


We are working on an experiment that is designed to be conducted concurrently with EEG recording, I’m using Matlab, so I checked the sample code provided to test if I could send event markers via USB.
When I try to run the code I get the following error:

We already verified that the required driver is correctly installed and that the device is detected by the XIDON 2 software. I’ve been playing around with the code to see if I can solve it but I seem to keep getting the same error regardless.
I’m wondering if someone has experienced anything similar and knows how to solve it.

As additional information, I’m testing the code on macOS Catalina version 10.15.7 with an Intel core i5 processor.

The only thing I can think of is that this might be related to the USB device driver. See for example this support note, Installing USB Driver for Mac OS X.

The same notes will apply to StimTracker, c-pod, or the RB-x40 response pads.

Xidon uses the D2xx driver. If it is working, this means that the D2xx driver is installed and the VCP driver is not. Matlab needs the VCP driver.

On Windows, this is not a problem because both drivers can coexist. But on Mac OS, it is either or.