Unable to load stimuli

I am unable to run an experiment due to an inability to load stimuli files. Pictures (JPGs) were inserted into individual events, and all appear to be in the experiment. That is they are all available for preview. Oddly, I tested the first 36 events and they worked properly, before continuing to do the others. However, now when I click run I get 2 to 3 random file errors that describe the path to find the image followed by a “unable to open stimulus file” for a single stimuli.

I’m stuck and any feedback would be helpful. Thanks in advance

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For the benefit of other forum visitors: the issue is with the number and size of images. The experiment runs fine with SuperLab for Mac, which is a 64-bit application. But SuperLab for Windows is still a 32-bit application as of version 6.1.

Trimming the white space around the images cuts down the amount of needed memory by more than half.

Hi there,

I am currently having the same issue, I am using superlab 6.0 on windows.

I am wondering did you manage to resolve this and if how ?

Thank you

Hi Rose.

I was able to resolve my problem. Simply put, my experiment was too big to run on SuperLab via windows. I had several hundred experimental events with images, and what we ended up doing was cropping the stimuli in photoshop around the edges. By eliminating the white edges of the images the total pixels in the experiment was significantly reduced to the point where the software had the power to run the experiment. Macs run on a 64 bit application so if you have access to a mac you can just try it on there.

The developers at Cedrus were very helpful.

Hope that helps.
Feel free to reach out if you need anything.

Thanks again for your help a few months ago, Hisham.

Your feedback and problem solving saved me quite a bit of time and resources. The experiment has been going very well since we last spoke.

I am grateful.

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