Tying codes to multiple events


Here is our research situation:

  • Thirty 2-sec videos, 10 of which show a person in pain; no response required, the next event starts immediately after the video ends.
  • One “Was this person in pain? Y/N” text event; response required and recorded.
  • Seven empathy-type questions on a 1-5 rating scale; responses required and recorded.
    All events proceed in that order per trial, though the order of the videos is randomized per block.

Here is our problem:
Rather than have to go in and do a bunch of coding later, we’d like to note which trials are showing a pain video, and therefore which “Was this person in pain? Y/N” responses are correct.

Here are our unsuccessful attempts:

We set the Pain Yes/No codes at the stimulus level, attaching them to each video as appropriate. (The videos are in one Stimulus List event.) It appeared we were able to select a “correct” response to the pain question event based on a code, but the codes from the stimulus events weren’t being passed to the other events within the same trial, so every response was being treated as correct, regardless of the video shown.

We expanded the above experiment to separate trials using stimulus lists, then attached the codes at the trial level instead. Only then we weren’t able to select a “correct” response to the pain question based on a code.


(We’d also like each person’s 240 responses - 8 per video - to be recorded on one line, since SPSS considers each line to be one case in an analysis. Is this possible with SuperLab? It’ll be an awful lot of copying & pasting otherwise…)

Thank you, community and managers, for any help!

  • Julie

Your number one attempt unfortunately is not possible within SuperLab. However for the second option you gave I would do the following.

  • Prior to expanding the lists create two events: “Response - is in pain” and “Response - is not in pain”

  • Set your correct response only for the 2nd event

  • Then after you expand the list, link the trials to one of the two events