Two Simultaneous Events with Different Response Sets

I’m trying to present two events at the same time, one on the top left corner of the screen and one on the bottom left.
The event on the left is a change discrimination task, and so setting up incorrect/correct responses is fairly easy
I need a different set of responses for the event on the right, so that if they fail to respond to a certain event/respond incorrectly, it will go to an “alert” event. However, I only have the Cedrus 7-key response pad. Is there a way to divide the 7 keys in half for each event? The events don’t share the same incorrect/correct key coding.

You can emulate that behavior by telling SuperLab to only end your event on a “correct response”. This mean that your “incorrect” and “correct” responses will both be marked “correct” in SuperLab. However, you will need to figure out “logically” later which was “correct” and “incorrect.”

In addition to this you can add a second event that explicitly looks for the “key release”. Then you can mark which key is " logically" correct or incorrect on the second event.