two sets of stimuli on one line


I am new to SuperLab so please accept my apologies if the answer is obvious - I have used the online help menu and manual to no real avail. Here is what I am doing…

I need to present stimuli that consists of two sets of cubes - the cubes generated by Microsoft Office Word 2003 (from the Symbol menu). They need to be presented at the same time - one set on the left side of the screen and one set on the right side of the screen, so that participants can compare the magnitude of the sets. I have created the stimulus list by cutting and pasting the ‘list’ of cubes into it. Everything looks good when I look over the stimulus list and enter the values for a correct response (i.e. this key indicates a correct response and this key indicates an incorrect response). Up to this point everything looks good!!! However, when I go to run this block the only thing that appears on the screen is the right hand set of cubes.

I have tried several adjustments: the presentation location- moving it left and right - this just moves the one set of cubes to the left or right; the font - just makes the cubes larger or smaller; and now I am at a loss.

I would appreciate any suggestions that you can offer on how to get both sets of blocks to appear on the screen at the same time - as they do in the stimulus list. I followed the same process with entering Arabic numbers (so that two appear on the screen - one to the left and one to the right) and this has and continues to work just fine!

Each individual item in a stimulus list causes a new copy of your trial to be created. One stimulus in the list will be presented per trial.

It sounds like you are only using one list or that you are wanting all of the stimuli in one list to appear at once, and this is not how stimulus lists were designed.

How many events are you creating? How many lists are you creating? How many cubes are there in a single image? You have multiple cubes display at once, but how many responses are you expecting from these stimuli? Where did you paste the “list” of cubes?