two-part correct response

I would like to set up a response that requires the participant to click on two different stimuli before the next event is presented. For example, three words will be presented, and the participant must click on the two correct choices before preceding. How is this setup? Thanks in advance!

Don’t know if this is what you want, but

In one series of triadic comparison experiments, we had a similar situation: the subjects had to indicate which two items out of three were most similar. We considered having them chose the one that was least similar, but that may be a different thing cognitively, we thought. We also considered reading two responses, but that was complicated and raised a number of potential problems. What we did instead was use geometry.

We arranged the stimuli on the screen in a triangle with the point up, and then we arranged our buttons in a triangle with the point down. That is, each response button corresponded spatially to one side of the stimulus triangle. To increase the salience of this correspondence, we pasted lines on each button with a dot on each end that iconically represented the two stimuli on the side of the triangle on the screen. That way, subjects could choose two stimuli (that is, one side of the stimulus triangle on the screen) by pressing one button. It worked like a champ.

Greg Shenaut