trying to figure out how to approach this new experiment


I’m new to SuperLab, and am currently working on an experiment. What I need to do is the following:

Participants will see a picture, and hear a question. They are then presented with three answers (in audio form). They need to be able to listen to those sounds a second time if they did not hear them correctly, and must also be able to hear the question again. They then have to be able to select either A, B, or C as an answer.

So far, I am able to have the picture and the question played, which I have set up as two separate events linked to a trial. However, Im not sure how to present the three possible answers, and how to make sure they are able to listen to the answers and the question a second/third time if necessary, followed by their answer.

Any advice on how to approach this would be appreciated. Thanks!


As of right now this is not a capability of SuperLab 4.5. However we have a new release, SuperLab 5, coming out in the summer that will be able to build your experiment.