trouble creating experiment

Greetings. I am new to SuperLab and am having difficulties creating my experiment.

I need to have a fixation cross ‘+’ at the beginning of each trial.
Then a sentence (which should be randomized) appears onscreen.
Then a question about a word in that same sentence appears for the participant to respond y/n to using response pad (834) – and there are 6 question for each sentence (25 sentences, 6 y/n questions for total 150 trials).

Any assistance would be appreciated!

I would suggest using seven stimulus lists for your experiment. One that contains the 25 questions, and six others that contain the y/n questions. Also, you will need an additional event for the fixation cross.

creating experiment - follow up

The yes/no questions are different for each of my stimulus sentences, as they relate to word meanings. I had created a stimulus list of the 6 questions for each (of the 25) sentences, but was unable to figure out to successfully link them.

Is it possible to link an item on a stimulus list (of the 25 questions) to another stimulus list (the 6 y/n questions)? I cannot think of another way to do it.

Thank you for your help.

I have attached a diagram for you to get a better visual of what I was explaining before.

Chosing an Item From Each List.png

The diagram was helpful, but I am still have trouble understanding how I would be sure that if the program randomly brought up Sentence 4 it would also bring up Question 4-3, then Sentence 17 and Question 17-1, etc. through all Sentence-Question combinations.

I understand having 7 stimulus lists as well as an additional event with the fixation cross, but not how they would be connected correctly.

Thank you for your patience.

The best way to visualize how SuperLab will present things at run-time is by clicking on the Experiment menu and selecting Expand Events That Use Lists…. This will open a new experiment window with the contents of stimuli expanded.

Please note: I do not recommend that you make changes in the expanded window because they will not be reflected in the original experiment.

still having trouble

I have created 6 stimulus lists with my yes/no questions for each of my sentences (another stimulus list). I also have a fixation cross that should appear before each sentence.

I am still having trouble setting up my experiment to run correctly so the sentences are randomized and get the correct yes/no question.

I need to have:
– instructions
– fixation cross
– 1 of 25 sentences
– 1 of 6 corresponding yes/no questions with input via response pad (yes/no)
– fixation cross
– sentence
– yes/no question
… (continue through 125 trials)

Thank you for your help. I am still having difficulty with what should go under Block, Trial, and Event.


Do you mind posting your experiment as an Experiment Package? This can be found under the File menu within SuperLab.

post experiment for help

I have uploaded the experiment as it is. I have gotten so confused about the structure that it really HAS none right now! Thank you again for all your help – I wish there was someone in my department who could provide some guidance on-site…

Each complete stimulus list of questions (1-6, respectively) has the same answer (yes or no), if that helps. There will be set times between fixation cross and stimulus sentence, between stimulus sentence and question presentation, then UP TO a certain amount of time to see and respond y/n to question before the fixation cross returns and it starts over until 125 sentence/question pairs have been presented.

Thank you. (5.09 KB)

Sorry for the delay. We close our office between Christmas and New Years.

I have attached a revision of your experiment. Please note that the trials in the block are being randomized in the Block Editor.

Skye.project (5.62 KB)