Hi, I was working since now with the PCI-DIO/24 card sending triggers to Neuroscan, and all goes well. No I want to know if theres a possibility to work sending different triggers (as I do with the PCI card) from USB without problems of timming. If it’s possible which card I need?? where to buy it?? It will work with the same cable??

for example…measurement compunting offers USB-DIO24/37 as the USB version of PCI-DIO24 i/o card…can I work with this one???

Hi Indra,

I haven’t used Measurement Computing’s USB-DIO24/37 device, but knowing how they do things, I think that it will work just fine in SuperLab.

A USB-based device that we tested is the National Instruments 6501. But it has different pin assignments, so some cable cutting and splicing would be involved.


Hi Hisham,

And in order to work with NI 6501 where can I find a diagram with the configuration of this pin assignaments?

Indra, here are the links you need:

But I'd recommend the Measurement Computing USB-DIO24/37 first. If it works (and I'm pretty confident that it would), it's the path of least resistance for you because there will be no making of custom cables necessary.