Trigger question

We recently purchased Superlab 4.0.3, several response boxes, and a PCI-DIO24 I/O card to be used for an ERP/recognition memory experiment. During the recognition test, subjects see a series of pictures and indicate with a key press (Cedrus Response Pad RB-730) whether they recognize an image from a previously studied list. The information that needs to be time locked with the EEG data is the picture classification (old v new). Can we send separate triggers for each type of stimulus (old v new) to the EEG software? If so, how do we do this?

We are using an I/O card (PCI-DIO24) to send triggers to the electrophysiology software (Active One BioSemi) and computer. We can send a single trigger that does not code the stimulus type but we can’t seem find a way to send a different trigger code for different stimulus types.

Hi Julian,

I talked to Lloyd Smith from Cortech Solutions yesterday regarding your experiment. If you still cannot resolve it, please feel free to call me at 800.233.7871.