Trigger Codes in Netstation

Hi everyone,

I am trying to send trigger codes from SuperLab 6 beta to via StimTracker duo to EGI’s Netstation EEG software. I’m a new SuperLab used and so I apologize if there is a simple solution. Netstation is able to receive trigger codes but it appears the trigger codes are a bit off. Say for example I try to set the digital output value of 100 for one of my events. Instead of seeing “DIN100”, the trigger you would expect in Netstation, I see “DIN155.” Then when the stimulus turns off, I see “DIN255.” So it is sending the correct code (255-100 = 155), but it seems as if all 8 digital output pins are set to “on” rather than “off” when no stimuli are being presented. So long story short, I get 2 triggers for every event: (1) the actual code subtracted from 255 and (2) 255 when the stimulus turns off. I suppose we could work around this, but ideally it would be cleaner to have a single trigger, so that when I incorporate my light sensor the issue doesn’t compound.

Has anyone ever encountered this issue before? If so is there a solution?

If it helps to know my set-up, I’m sending triggers from SuperLab 6 via a USB repeater to my Duo. From the Duo, I am using an m-pod connected to a db9 cable (supplied by EGI), which is connected to my amplifier.