"trials (attempts) to criterion"?

I am coming for some more help!

I want to measure “trials(=attempts) to criterion”: the number of incorrect responses subjects provide before they are able to give at least 4 correct answers in a row.

Is there a feature in the super lab data viewer that would make this convenient, or a way to set up the experiment so that this kind of information would appear?

Thank you!

The data viewer does not analyze the data in this manner.

As for setting up an experiment so that this information can appear, I have created an experiment for you to read through.

It utilizes three parameters (2 counters and 1 trial collection), one trial rule, and the default tag set (correct or incorrect).

In the resulting data file, anytime you see that the Consecutive Correct counter is at least 4, you can just take a look at the value for Incorrect Responses.

dataParams.sl5 (4.28 KB)

Thank you, Arman!
Looks like it is working!