trial variable with pairings


I have an experiment with pairings of two pictures.
For each pairing, i want the timing of the presentation on the screen varying between 3 different durations. So, i created a trial variable for that, and i use it in my second event of the pairing.

But it doesn’t work. Superlab always uses the last fixed time limit i entered before i changed to use the trial variable.

Do you know what i can I do for that?

Thanks for your help,


Can you post the experiment or email it to me? Also, which version of SuperLab are you using?

There is my experiment, but not the pictures. If you need them I can email them to you.

I used the version 4.0.7. I just downloaded 4.0.8 today.

I programmed the variable for each trial (2 levels : 1000 and 2000 ms).
On each trial, it uses the fixed limit time there was before :
For the first 4 trials : 200 ms
For all the other : 8000 ms

Expe RM post-test M 2-4-6.sl4 (245 KB)

Your experiment requires 428 picture files! Can you create a slimmed down version of the experiment that duplicates the problem and email me the pictures?

Also, your “Presentation” trial variable is set to “Sequential” rather than one of the other two randomization options.