Trial variable values not saving

Although I have checked “Save variable’s value in the collected data file” for ISI Duration variable, no values are visible in the output file for that variable. They are visible only if SL records and saves response in the event that uses ISI Duration variable (although no response is needed there). Is there any way to fix that?

For the events that don’t accept any input, try having the event end on a time limit of 1 ms. Setting it up this way will save the data the way you want it.

I should probably describe the problem in detail. The course of the trial is as follows:

  1. Fixation point with duration equal to ISI trial variable (between 450 and 750).
  2. Picture event 1
  3. Picture event 2
  4. Picture event 3

Participants may response during each of the Picture events (one response is needed). After the response, all remaining events in the trial are skipped and next trial is presented. No values of ISI Duration are saved in the output file.

I think it would be helpful if I was able to see your experiment. Can you post your experiment as an Experiment Package? This can be found under the File menu within SuperLab.

Here it is, a little simplified. (42.5 KB)

In the Event Editor, under the Input tab you need to check “Record and Save Response.”

I have tried it before, but then the ISI Duration value is saved for the Fixation Point event. I would like it to be saved for the event during which participant’s response will occur. Is it possible?

Thank you for clarifying this for me. Your original observation is correct: “They are visible only if SL records and saves response in the event that uses ISI Duration variable.”

The value assigned to any given Trial Variable is only calculated by SuperLab for events that need the trial variable. SuperLab is outputting all the correct data.

Thank you.