trial order

I am trying to write a program that randomly displays a series of images with a changing colored fixation cross in between. This seems impossible to do with stim lists as the changing fixation crosses have to be of variable durations (each individual cross and the total number of crosses) and are just a bunch of text events strung together in a trial.

I’ve run a matlab program to randomize the trials correctly, e.g. stimulus–fixation—stimulus–fixation–stimulus ect ect.

my question is, is it possible to read that list of trials into superlab so i dont have to rearrange hundreds of trials by hand? or is there perhaps a better way to do this that i am over looking?

thanks in advance!

Hi Christine,

Unfortunately it’s not possible to read the list of trials from an external file.

Have you tried using the trial variables feature? It would allow you to vary the durations of the fixation crosses.