Trial editor

Could not get the condition Expression within the trial editor to work. I linked the trial with a folder of stimulus pictures and wanted to select 5 of the 10 pictures in the folder so I used the number of times this trial has been presented is equal to or greater than 5 but it doesn’t work.

Please post your experiment as an Experiment Package. This can be found under the File menu within SuperLab.

problem with conditional expression

Attached is the experiment file with the problem. (7.19 MB)


Under the Block Editor use the expression “Number of trial is this block is LESS THAN the max. number of times you want the trial presented”. For example, if you only want 10 out of 30 of your stimulus to be presented it would read "“Number of trial is this block is LESS THAN 10 trials”. Also, you need to use “While the condition expression is true” next to Present next trial in this block.

For the purpose of limiting the number of trials you do not need to mark the code values in the Block Editor.