Transferring SuperLab exptt and stimulus files from one computer to another

I have 2 computers, one a laptop and the other a desktop.The desktop has a virtual compartment of the HDD called D.My SuperLab experiment stimuli are stores there and in Superlab, the stumuli files have path names which as a result, all refer to this D drive.
My Laptop has only a single C drive.I cant compartmentalize to recreate the path there because, creating a new virtual drive will require formatting and that will destroy essential dat in the laptop.
I need to get my SuperLab experiment in the Laptop so that I can test people on a experiment at a out of Lab location.
What can I do, to transfer the experiment and stimuli to the laptop, without changing the path of some 1000 stimuli, one by one.
This is very urgent.
Is there something within SuperLab I can change?
All my stimuli are in one folder.
Any help/input will be greatly appreciated.

Will the “subst” command work?

There is an old DOS command called “subst” that allows a drive letter to be used to refer to a folder. I believe this command still works in windows.

If you put your stimuli into, say, “C:\experiments\My Superlab” on your laptop, then you may be able to open a window and type “subst d: c:\experiments”. If this works, then “D:\My Superlab” should be the folder your stimuli are in.

I don’t know what happens if “d:” is already used on the laptop, for example for a cdrom drive. I suppose in that case, you could try putting the stimuli on a cdrom, in a folder called “My Superlab”.

Disclaimer: although I used DOS years ago, I don’t use windows, so you should check this out with a windows guru if you can.

Greg Shenaut

There are easier ways than this. :slight_smile: Here are three:

  1. Internally, SuperLab stores the location of the stimuli in two different formats: relative and absolute, with relative given priority (I think). Prior to copying everything over to your laptop, copy your .sl4 file into the same folder as your stimuli. Launch the experiment from there. It should automatically find all of the stimuli without having to ask (the absolute path still works). Then copy this entire folder over to your laptop. When you reopen the .sl4 file within this experiment, it should automatically find all of your stimuli without asking (the relative path still works).

  2. In the file menu, there is an option to create an experiment package. This will take your experiment file and all of your stimuli and zip them into one big zip file. I haven’t personally tested this with stimuli on different volumes under Windows, so I don’t know what the behavior will be. I hope the person that implemented it did test it. :wink:

  3. You could also just ignore both of the above methods and copy everything over to the laptop. When the SuperLab can’t find the stimuli, it will open up a dialog asking you to find them. Select one and tell SuperLab where it is. All the others are in the same folder, so SuperLab will immediately find them as well. You’re done!