Transfering exp designed on mac to pc

I have designed two experiments on a mac computer. However I now want to run the same experiments on a pc. The versions of Superlab on each machine are the same but I have Run time only on the PC.

When I try and run the experiment on the PC it just takes me to a blank screen. Is there any way to fix this?Or do I need the full version for the PC too?

What version do you have?

There are issues with transferring an experiment between Mac and Windows. If you are using images, you need to stick with standards like jpeg, gif, or bmp–no pict or obscure formats supported by QuickTime. If you are using movies, you should stick with mpeg or avi–again no QuickTime formats. You may need to install DivX on the Windows machine to get some avis working properly. If you are using text events, you’ll have no way to choose a font on Windows in the run-time version, so you may want to convert these to picture events. Furthermore, transparency is not supported on the Windows side, so your experiment can’t rely on that.

I hope that helps a little.