Dear Hisham,
I am a post-doctoral researcher from India. I am using superlab for designing an experiment for an EEG/ERP study. At the moment I am facing a problem with the markers. I need two categories of markers on my EEG file: 1) Response chosen - Whether participant chose Yes or no 2) Markers for the arbitrary feedback - randomly generated by the system (Yes or no). This way for analysis I will need 4 categories of EEG Segments based on response-feedback of experiment i.e - Yes-Yes, Yes-No, No-Yes, No-No.
However, when I add a digital output event marker, I am getting only one marker for both Yes and No. Kindly guide me on how to distinguish the markers these events on my EEG file using Superlab.
Anticipating your response!
Dr. Navkiran

Hello Navi,

May I kindly ask you to post the question on the SuperLab 5 forum instead of a private message? this way, my reply would be helpful to all.