Titrating Procedures and Variables

I am a student working on putting experiments into Superlab for my professors and I have 2 questions about the capabilities of Superlab.
My first question is whether or not superlab has the capability to create a titrating procedure. I was using the feedback tool to send it to a certain event depending on the choice the participant selected; however, Superlab will not let me make the string of events longer than 2 choices. After I run the experiment it quits out after I run through two of the choices even though I have it set to go to another event. Any suggestions?

Also, I was curious if Superlab had the capabilities of imputing variables. For example, input X and Y on the first slide and depedning on their answer the next slide would show (1/2)X or (1/2)Y, or some variation of the variable. If someone could let me know that would be awesome, thanks.

In response to the first question: feedback events cannot present feedback, so you can’t go from one event to another to another using feedback. What you can do, though, is mark the trial with a code value in the feedback and then use macros to jump to a different block or limit which trials in the same block may or may not be presented.

As far as the second question, SuperLab has very limited support for the types of variables you’re requesting. There’s a variable for the participant’s name and a variable for the last response time, but there’s no user input to the variables and no mathematical modification of the variables.