Timing reminder for participants?

For my experiment, participants will be writing short stories into the text box. Ideally, they will not have the option to continue until after 4 minutes. If, after 4 minutes, they are ready to move on, they can press a key and do so. If not, they will get reminder messages at 4m30s and at 5m and every 10 seconds after that until they press the key. I’m having a really hard time making this happen in SuperLab. Any tips?:confused: Thanks!


I wonder if it’s possible to play a movie while they are entering text. You could use Keynote or some other method to create a movie (perhaps a 1 or 2 s frame rate?) containing the sequence of prompts. I don’t know if an absolute maximum time, like 10 minutes, would be possible in your experiment; if not, then the movie idea wouldn’t get off the ground. It’s kind of a kludge, but maybe it could work.

Greg Shenaut

That’s a great idea! Thanks for your help. Do you know whether we can get the movie to stop when participants click the “next” button for the text box? I don’t want the movie to keep going when the next trial begins. Thanks!!!

In the Stimulus tab of the Event Editor, click on the Settings button. A dialog appears. See the Presentation Options tab for some movie termination options.