Timing and responding issue with events

In my experiment, I present participants with a picture for a fixed duration (500msec) and this is followed by a blank screen to allow participants enough time to respond. Participants sometimes respond before the end of the picture presentation, and sometimes after, and I am not sure how to allow a response to occur EITHER during the presentation of the picture OR during the following blank screen. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

If I’m understanding the question correctly, you don’t want the second event to be presented if the participant responds during the picture presentation. If so, you can accomplish that by using the feedback mechanism in SuperLab.


  • For the picture event, click on the [B]Feedback[/B] tab, then click on the “[B]+[/B]” icon to create a new condition. A smaller dialog appears, with the default condition being “The response is not correct”. Click on [B]OK[/B] to chose it.
  • For each condition, you can have a set of actions performed. SuperLab automatically creates one. In this case, the default “Present the same trial again” is not what you want. Double-click on it to edit it and select the option [B]Skip any remaining events and present next trial[/B].
  • On the left hand side, click on the “[B]+[/B]” icon to create a second condition. This time, the default condition is “The response is correct”. Click on [B]OK[/B] to chose it.
  • The default action that's created for correct response is already the one you want. [/LIST] One more thing: in the second event, make sure that the option [B]Reset RT timer[/B] is not enabled in the Event Editor's [B]Input[/B] tab. This way, the RTs will all be measured relative to the onset of the picture regardless of whether the participant responds in the first or second event.