temporary licences or creating leases


I want to use superlab to several computers without internet access for my research.
So I tried two ways so far.

One attempt was to get temporary licences.
I installed superlab to the computers and let it run on them as demo version. Since those computers are offline, I went to https://activation.cedrus.com/ from another online computer and tried attached the given text file that I got from superlab on an offline computer.
But it did not work. (I sent an message about this problems from http://www.cedrus.com/misc/send_email.htm already yesterday).

The other attempt was to create leases.
I tried creating leases from my already activated version of superlab. I clicked “Create Leases…” menu option on the main menu of superlab 4.5, and then put email address and password.
Then I had an error message saying that “There are zero unused licences remaining in your account. You must own a licence to back each lease that you create.”

How can I use superlab to several computers without internet access for my research, without using any more licences?

And I am confused about the two words; leasing and temporary licences. What is the differences between them, and if any, how does the differences lead to losing/keeping the number of available licences that are left?

Anyway, I want to start my experiment as soon as possible, so I really appreciate earlier response from you.


I will contact you via private message. If you have any licensing questions in the future, please email us from the link below.