Tell me licence!


Please tell me the method to switch over from a temporary licence to an official(?) licence.

I installed superlab to the computer and let it run on it as demo version.
Now, I recept message “You are using SuperLab with a temporary licence. You have two days remaing”.
I continue to use superlab on my computer(offline).
I don’t understand the method swithcing licence from a temporary one to formal(? official?) one.

I’m waiting for the reply.

Thank you.

You are using the “temporary activation” feature, which is the correct feature to use. The “temporary activation” is the full version of SuperLab, not a demo. Once the time runs out, all you need to do is enter your password and you will be activated again.

The latest release of SuperLab does not have a deactivation feature and therefore eliminates all the problems that came with it in the old releases deactivation process. Now, you can just temporarily activate for how ever long you want. For example, if you temporarily activate for a week, then after that week, Superlab will expire and you can either click to activate it again on the same computer, or you can go to another computer and use that activation. Below is a link where more information on our licensing can be found.