Tag fields are empty in data file


I have an experiment where a trial goes like this:

  1. A stimulus appears in the center of the screen
  2. When the participant clicks on the stimulus in the center, three more stimuli appear in three of the four corners (the center stimulus stays on the screen also).
  3. The participant is now supposed to click on one of the three stimuli in the corners. One of the three is a correct response and the other two are incorrect.
  4. An intertrial interval begins when a stimulus is selected

I am having trouble getting the data file to code the responses as correct or incorrect.
The problem is this:

  • In order to get the three corner stimuli to appear simultaneously, two (the incorrects) are set to “invisible” and to end and move to next event immediately.
  • The third stimulus (the correct) is the one that has input defined. I initially set up so that “any response” would cause moving on to the ITI but only a click on the correct stimulus was defined as a correct response.
  • The problem with that was that accidentally clicking again on the center stimulus would end the trial. I don’t want that to happen, I want the trial to end only when one of the corner stimuli is clicked.
  • In order to prevent clicking on the center stimulus again, I now define three correct responses for the correct stimulus event: Clicking on the correct stimulus and clicking on each incorrect stimulus.
  • As a result, the error code field in the data file now codes all responses as correct.
  • I have been trying to deal with this by adding rules that tag either the trial or the event (correct stimulus) as correct or incorrect based on which of the three responses is made. I have tried to do this both at the trial level and at the event level.
  • However, the tags don’t show up in the data file. There is a column for them, but they are empty.

I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to get the tags to show up but am drawing a blank and would appreciate help.

Thank you!

I want to add that since I’ve posted this I have also tried to accomplish this using text parameters, but no luck. The only solution we can think of is to hand-score every data file.