SV-1 Voice Key SuperLab 5.0.5

PLATFORM: SuperLab 5.0.5 on Mac 10.12.2 Sierra

GOAL: I want to measure the DURATION of a vocal response

DIFFICULTY: SuperLab does not seem to be detecting Voice Off in the SV-1


Participant Input

  • Selected SV-1 Voice Key as Input
  • Created a VoiceOn Response
  • Created a VoiceOff Response
  • VoiceOn Response edited so that it maps onto Voice Key Pressed
  • VoiceOn Response edited so that it maps onto Voice Key Released


  • Unchecked Ignore the voice key release
  • Checked Wait until the voice key is released
  • Tried selecting each radio button in turn to see if this was the source of my problems, but it is not


  • Input: End the event after a fixed time limit
  • Input: UNchecked Delay feedback actions
  • Correct Response: Set to VoiceOn (also tried setting to VoiceOff and to both VoiceOn and VoiceOff)
  • Feedback: When response is VoiceOn: Start timer, Set trial's tag to VoiceOn When response is VoiceOff: Pause timer, Set trial's tag to VoiceOff

I am reliably detecting the VoiceOn event, but never the VoiceOff event. This, of course, makes measuring the DURATION of the voice event impossible. Curiously, neither trial tag – even that which I set for the detection of a VoiceOn response – is recorded in the data file.

To isolate the problem, I set the even parameters to present the trial until detection of a VoiceOff event. The trial never ended and I had to force-escape. This is what makes me think the problem is in detecting the voice-off event in SV-1.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for your time.


Under Settings > Participant Input:

  • ...
  • VoiceOn Response edited so that it maps onto Voice Key Pressed
  • [B]VoiceOff[/B] Response edited so that it maps onto Voice Key Released

Thank you for your post. It seems that there is an issue with the release of the voice key. I will document these findings and bring it up to the developers.

Tracy, SuperLab 6 is now in beta testing. It incorporates a fix for the “SV-1 key release” issue. Let me know how the fix works for you.

P.S. This is a beta release with extensive under-the-hood changes. So there might be other bugs.

SuperLab 6.0 Can’t Detect SV-1

I downloaded SuperLab 6.0 and tried testing the Voice-On/Voice-Off responses to measure voice duration.

Problem: SuperLab 6.0 cannot find the SV-1 Voice Key
The error message reads, “SuperLab did not find the SV-1 Voice Key” nor any other XID device."

Attempted Solution:

  1. Reinstalled the SV-1 Voice Key driver
  2. Restarted computer
  3. Restarted SuperLab 6.0

SuperLab 6.0 could still not detect the SV-1 VoiceKey

Problem Testing:

  1. I opened SuperLab 5.0 and confirmed that the SV-1 VoiceKey is, in fact, detected in the earlier version of the software

Macbook Pro with Touch Bar
Mac OS 10.12.6 Sierra