SV-1 voice key: record voice onset RT but end event with voice offset?


I am using the SV-1 voice key to record voice onset reaction time. Currently, the recording event is set to end after a time limit of 8 seconds. However, I would like to set it so that the event ends either after 8 seconds OR at the voice key release.

I tried doing that by selecting both “after a time limit” and “after a correct response” in the event input settings, and then setting “voice key release” as a correct answer. However, then SuperLab only recorded the voice release RTs rather than the voice onset RTs.

Is there a way to end the event with voice offset, but still record voice onset RT?

Thank you!

Can you post the experiment? In the Participant Input dialog, if you have both voice key press and voice key release defined as responses, then SuperLab should record both. The key press will be coded as “E” for error, and key release will be coded as “C” for correct.