SV-1 & StimTracker - Vocal Reaction Times

To whom it may concern,

I am preparing an experiment (on a PC) in which vocal reaction times will be marked using StimTracker with the SV-1 linked via an accessory cable (TTL input). While SuperLab seems able to recognize the StimTracker, it is unable to recognize the SV-1. It seems to be the case that the SV-1 cannot be recognized by Superlab through the TTL input cable alone and I may need a serial port to USD adapter to get this to work. Would this be the best course of action to use these technologies in conjunction? Will the SV-1 send vocal input information to SuperLab via StimTracker if I purchase the adapter?


You will not be able to measure the reaction time with SuperLab if the SV-1 unit is plugged directly to StimTracker. You will need to plug the SV-1 directly into the computer via Serial Port or by a USB-to-Serial Port adapter. Please let me know if you would like us to send you a USB-to-Serial.