Superlab's secret seed

Hi Superlab,

Here is my problem though I can’t imagine that there is a solution. We ran an experiment that required the randomization of a number of stimulus events linked to a trial. Each stimulus event was followed by a response event that was presented as feedback to the stimulus event.

Now the person who programmed the experiment deselected “record and save a response” check box from the input tab of the stimulus events. The result being that we recorded all the responses from the participants in the response events, but didn’t record the stimuli events. So we have no way of linking the responses to the particular stimulus that was presented.

I was wondering how superlab randomizes multiple events linked to a single trial. Does the randomization algorithm use a time seed and is that seed the same as the time stamp on the output file? And if so is it possible to plug that time stamp into the randomization algorithm superlab uses to reconstruct the what order the stimuli appeared in.

Of course it isn’t, but I thought I would ask anyway.


Yes, it is a time seed but not a date or time of day stamp. SuperLab uses the number of microseconds elapsed since the computer was started up.

Thanks for your reply.