SuperLab v6.1 Not Recognizing AirPods for Stroop Test


I recently downloaded SuperLab v6.1 for Mac. I am trying to run a Stroop Test, but I cannot get the software to recognize the voice input from my AirPods. I have tested the AirPods on my iPhone as well as the Mac itself, and both recognize when I speak while using the AirPods. When I open the SuperLab v6.1 software, I can choose the AirPods as my audio input. However, it will not recognize that I am saying responses to the Stroop Test. Any help would be appreciated!

We’re looking into it.

Thank you so much, it is greatly appreciated!

Other than AirPods, can you use the standard microphone?

We’ve looking into this. We were unable to use even the built-in microphone until we finally realized that SuperLab did not have permission from Mac OS to use the microphone. At one point, when running SuperLab, Mac OS prompted “Do you want to allow SuperLab to use the microphone?” and then it worked.

As of now, we cannot get SuperLab to run on another Mac and we cannot figure out how to have Mac OS grant it permission to use the mic. The standard procedure should be to:

  • Open System Preferences

  • Click on Security & Privacy

  • Click on lock in bottom left and enter your password to unlock

  • Click on the Privacy tab

  • Click on Microphone

The list of apps that want to use the microphone appears on the right. For our problematic Mac, the trouble is that SuperLab is listed (nor are some other apps) and when we run SuperLab, Mac OS is not prompting us to grant permission.

At this point, I’m not sure if this is a bug in Mac OS. We’ll continue digging into this next week, but I wanted to update you.

Have a good weekend.