Superlab to Biopac event markers disppear suddently

Superlab to Biopac event markers disappear suddenly.

Anybody know why? We have run over a hundred participants, but suddenly, biopac acqknowledege just can not capture any event marker from superlab?

We disconnected and restarted everything, but it did help for one day, then the event markers return to disappear again…Any idea?


I also got your phone message and called you back, left you a voice mail. Call me back at your convenience. 1.800.Cedrus1.

This is happening in our lab as well. The pulses for one of the events are not appearing in Acqknowledge. It occurred in over 60 participants and then reappeared before we noticed. Any help on this solution or how to somehow add the event markers into the acknowledge data files would be much appreciated!