Superlab timing

I’ve noticed that Superlab presents some stimuli in my experiment with a variable delay. There seems to be no pattern behind it, but every now and then I notice that presenting a stimulus takes a couple of seconds longer than it should. I’m using a Windows 7 laptop with an Intel i3 2GHz processor and 3GB of Ram. It seems unlikely to me that this could be due to a hardware limitation - especially since the experiment is a basic translation task using text stimuli.
Also, for half of the trials I need the participant to respond using the Voice Key. Most of the time this works ok, but sometimes the voice key just stops responding and will not register no matter how many times you talk into the microphone…
Do you have any idea why this happens?
Thanks for any and all help,

Translation Experiment.sl4 (122 KB)

SuperLab makes every effort to present events within a trial without delay, but there could be delays in-between trials. However, inter-trial delays should not be 2 seconds long.

Regarding your voice key, how old it is? Do you think it needs a new battery? If you want to send it to Cedrus for a diagnosis we would be happy to take a look at it.

the voice key is a fairly new sv-1, with a relatively new battery. the led lights on the voice key are on, and the orange one which registers a new “key press” turns on when i speak, however nothing happens and the event just stays on screen…

I’ll contact you via private message regarding your SV-1.