superlab timer doesn't seem to work


I have a fairly simple design which has worked with the attached script in the past:

  1. fixation point is presented for 250 ms
  2. audio file is presented (length determined by wav file length)
  3. response screen comes up

It’s an EEG experiment, so I am also sending triggers before each event.

In the attached file, everything works smoothly (wav file and trigger presentation), except that the presentation of the fixatoin point does not end after the specified time. Instead, it ends with the sound file presentation (i.e. when the response screen comes up). As I’ve said, this script has worked in the past, I’ve only changed some of the stimulus lists. I’m a bit confused and can’t find what’s going wrong.


DesireAnne.sl4 (55.3 KB)

I can’t run your experiment because the files are missing. Can you post your experiment as an Experiment Package? This is found under the File menu within SuperLab.

It seems as if my first response wasn’t recognised.
Please find a short version of the experiment attached.
The timer for the fixation cross is set to 200 ms but the cross remains on screen during wav file presentation. I can get around this problem by inserting a blank screen, but don’t see why I should have to.
Silke (26.6 MB)

In your fixation event, “fix1”, under Stimulus, there is a Settings tab. From the Settings tab go to Presentation Options and select “Erase Stimulus”. This should fix your timing issue.