Superlab system error

I have just finished programming a Stroop task.
I have 4 conditions :
1/ blocks “denomination” : the participant has to name the color of colored rectangles (blue, yellow, red or green)
2/ blocks “lecture” : the participant has to read words which are the name of colors (blue, yellow, red or green) written in white
3/ blocks “interférence” : the participant has to name the color in which the words are written, ignoring the meaning of the written words (which correspond to the name of colors that differ from the color of the ink)
4/ blocks “emotion” : it’s the same as condition 3, except that the words do not correspond to the name of colors but to neutral, positive, negative or emotional words (in our experiment, gambling-related words)

The task worked very well for the first 3 conditions but now that I have created the fourth condition, it doesn’t work at all… Despite a deap investigation, I was unable to identify the problem.

When I try to run the experiment, the SuperLab program just stops, with a warning message that just says “the program has stopped functioning” (not really informative).
Moreover, when I close the program, another warning message appears : “wxSysError 258”…
Please find enclosed the experiment package and a copy of the warning messages.

If you can have a look at my experiment and tell me where I have made a mistake, it would be so great (you will save my week-end!!!)

Thanks in advance

Stroop emot revu bis.tgz (15.7 KB)

warning message RUN.jpg

warning message CLOSE.jpg

I am not able to download your attachment. Can you try packaging your experiment files in another format?

Dear Arman,
Thank you for your reply.
During the meantine, I tried the program on another computer where superlab is installed, in case the problem comes from the computer itself.
And it was the case. The program works well on the other computer.
I will try to understand why the first computer does not work correctly (my other Superlab experiments work well) but my biggest problem is solved!