Superlab Run only version


I am using superlab pro 4.0.3c to develop some interfeces for my experiments that I try to run with superlab "run only version 4.0.2, a version that I just bought some weeks ago. When I try to run my experiements with the run only version I have the following error messages:

9:43:08 AM: This file appears to be newer than this version of SuperLab.
9:43:08 AM: An error occured attempting to open “F:\Exp IRM_April\Run1.sl4”. Click “Details” for more information.

Apparently, the fact that I am using a more recent version of superlab to develop the experiement than the one to run it constitute a problem. Does someone has any idea how to fix it? Is a more recent run only available?

Thanks in advance,


Please contact Cedrus to obtain the 4.0.3 run-only version.

Run-Only" version

We have one licence number for 4.0.5 SuperLab.

And we have bought also a 4.0 PC"Run-Only" version. I have tried to install this version on another computer. But it didn’t work with the same licence number.

Do we need another license number for installing the run-only version? If yes, could you please send it to us?

The run-only version of SuperLab does not require a license number. If you’re running SuperLab Pro 4.0.5, you will need at least version 4.0.5 of the run-only version.

run-only version

But when I try to install it, it requires a license number…And this message comes: Sorry, your demo period has expired… :frowning:

I installed a demo version on that computer 2-3 months ago…Can this be a reason for this problem?

But when it is a run only version, why is now a license number asked!?

Is it possible, that we have now a second normal SuperLab Pro 4.0.5 cd, and not a run-only version!?!?!?

If so, can we send it back and get the right one please?

It sounds like you do not have the Run-time version. Rather, you are using an expired demo version. The demo will only work for 30 days. Please contact us via email for the latest Run-time version.


I am trying to run a superlab program on the run-only version. Given that my program reads from lists in lots of places on my computer, do I need to replicate the folder structure on those computers or can I combine the program into something that runs as a single (large) file?


Hi Dan,

Before sending your experiment to the computer with the Run-time version, you need to make an Experiment Package. Go to the File menu, then select Create an Experiment Package, this will put all your files into a zip.