SuperLab Resolution Timer Issue

Hi all,

What could be the possible causes of the error “The hardware in this Windows computer does not support Superlab’ highest resolution timer Superlab will fall back on a less accurate Windows timer, which has a + - 16 ms resolution” displayed at the end of my experiment?

The error message above has appeared twice now and seems to be triggered when a particular trial overruns.

I look forwards to your comments.


The information in the popup message is linked to your computer, and not linked to a particular experiment. It is based on the behavior of the computer’s CPU timing hardware. On Windows, SuperLab asks the CPU to report timing information. The message will appear only once per SuperLab session; if you leave SuperLab open all day it should only show up the one time during launch.

You can try updating the firmware on your motherboard or the BIOS. The message is only stating that the timing may not be optimal on that computer. It does not harm the experiment and you can ignore it. It is still a good idea to test the timing on your experiment by looking at the data file to make sure it is yielding the correct time.

If the computer in question is a high-end workstation, then I would be interested to see the hardware information (and full OS information) in order to help research whether there are any known CPU chipset issues with the relevant hardware.