SuperLab Remote problem

Hello, I attempted to follow these instructions to set up SuperLab Remote, but got stuck at "In SuperLab 6, click on the File menu and select Create a SuperLab Remote Package…. "

When I click on the File menu in SuperLab 6, no option appears to Create a SuperLab Remote Package.

Anyone have a solution?

Sorry, incorrect screen grab:

It looks like you might still be using a SuperLab 6 beta release. Try the latest SuperLab 6 update.

Thank you! I went back and installed the latest version, but I still wasn’t able to complete the setup process. After I specify the location of the license file and the run files, I get the below screen. The create package option is not active so all I can do is press cancel. And then have to start the process again.

You also need to specify the name of the package. Click on the Set… button that’s about the Setup… button.