Superlab remote 6 doesn't work with restricted internet connection

I’m having trouble running Superlab remote 6 on Windows 10.
superlab: 6.1.0 build b’b76371
superlab remote 6:
Installed from

According to the Wireshark analysis, Superlab remote 6 seems to be trying to make a TCP connection to the cedrus website “” at startup.
I also found that if the PC is online, but the communication cannot be established due to Proxy or other settings along the way, the test will not start up properly.
On the other hand, if the PC is completely offline, this problem does not occur.

  1. Am I correct in understanding that it tries to make a TCP connection to cedrus website at startup?
  2. Is there any way to start superlab remote6 if I am not completely offline but cannot communicate to the cedrus website?

Correct, SuperLab Remote makes a TCP connection at startup to verify the license. An internet connection is required.

Going forward, an internet connection will be even more required. We are working on an updated solution that will make sharing an experiment by you, the researcher, a lot easier. And it will simplify the process of obtaining the experiment, running it, and sending the data back a lot simpler for participants. But all these features require the internet more than ever.

Thank you for your answer.
I understand that I need an internet connection.
On a related question, is there any way to specify a Proxy for the superlab remote in that case?

I’m not sure what you mean by proxy. Can you please provide a use case example?

As a use case, the subject who is going to run superelab remote has only the campus network available.
According to the campus network security policy, connections to the Internet are supposed to go through a designated HTTP proxy.
In this case, is it possible to have the license authentication communication go through a specific HTTP proxy? If so, please tell me how to configure it.

The license authentication goes through port 5972, but unfortunately it is not possible to change it.