Superlab pro + sv-1

I am trying to run a fairly simple picture naming experiment using Superlab Pro 2.0.4 and a sv-1 voice-key. I have an instruction screen that, at the moment, says ‘press any key to begin’. The trial consists of a 500ms fixation cross, a 150ms blank screen, the target picture which is removed when the voice-key fires and a blank screen for 1500ms.

In the input for the fixation cross and blank screen I have checked the box for ‘event accepts user input’ but not the box for record and save data. I have checked end event after time limit only, and put the relevant time limit in the box. The correct response currently says ‘none’.

I have two problems. 1. Superlab won’t let me set a keyboard response for the instruction screen, so participants have to say something to move the experiment on. It also means that the microphone has to be turned off until the exact time the participant is ready to begin otherwise it will fire, which is not ideal. 2. The fixation cross and the blank screen, despite being set to only end after a specific time limit, are responding to the voice-key firing.Quite often this means a cough or non-target response is making the fixation cross and blank screens skip and is messing up the whole structure of the experiment.

Any help would be appreciated.

For the Instructions, you can have it end on only the correct response, and make keyboard input the correct response. Wouldn’t that work?

It doesn’t seem to want to allow me to have more than one response input, I can only choose the correct response to be ‘none’ or ‘voice key’.

I have found a better solution to all of my problems, find a spare Superlab 4 licence…