Superlab Hints Forum

You’ve offered to set up another forum for Superlab users, and it occurs to me that it would be useful to have a “hints” forum. The basic idea is related to the Mac OS/X hints website, but on a much smaller scale.

There could be several useful kinds of hints: a user who has figured out how to do something complicated with superlab, for example using the macro/conditional execution feature could post a description of it; a user who has written or figured out some external program or scripting method to assist superlab; a thread from elsewhere on the superlab forum could be moved to Hints if it contains useful hints.

Mac users could include things like gui scripts to control superlab, automator scripts to automate various aspects of setting up, running, or analysing experiments, the use of remote control software to control a lab with superlab on several computers, etc.

Windows users undoubtedly will have similar kinds of things that could be helpful for their fellows.

Well, that’s the idea.

Greg Shenaut

Hi Greg,

Would you be interested in being a hint forum’s moderator? :wink:


What would it entail?

I suppose it would all depend on how many hints came in, and what the goals of the hints forum were.

What I had in mind was something parallel to the support forum, but for answers instead of questions. That is, when someone figures out a slick way to do something with Superlab, or how to work around some limitation or quirk, they could post it. Other uses could use the search function to look for answers both in the hints forum and the support forum (it appears that the standard “Advanced Search” tool will at least let you do a single forum or all forums).

It might be useful to have subforums (windows issues, mac issues, multimedia issues, randomization issues, user interface issues, using scripts with superlab,…), but as I say, that would depend on how many hints there were, and how successful the search function was at returning useful results.

Other users (including me, of course) could correct or extend the hints by making comments. Hopefully, if someone were looking for a solution and was considering a hint, they would read the whole thread.

Once a good basic structure was set up, would there really be a need for hints forum-specific moderators?