SuperLab freezing

Hi I’m running SuperLab version 4.0.8 on a new laptop, 3Gb Ram, 300 Gb hard drive, 2.4 GHz processer. I’m running a text based experiment no images 30 trials and 9 events, in the middle it will just hang on me, any suggestions as to what i can try?

Can you press escape to exit the experiment? Are you using the String-Input event type? One more question, are you using any hardware?

esc won’t do anything. Participant input is set to RB-830 only. The experiment just uses the response pad no other hardware’s. The problem is intermittent sometimes it runs fine other times it hangs.

I would suggest using SuperLab 4.0.7b. I would only use 4.0.8 if you are using one of our StimTracker units. You can download SuperLab 4.0.7b from the following link: