Superlab freezing/not responding

Hi I have been running Superlab 4 & 5 for an experiment and it freezing on me about 2 in 5 experiments. I can press esc and continue but it may effect the results. I also receive messages when Superlab is not responding problem event name:AppHangB1 the program has stopped interacting with Windows (7). Can anyone help? :confused:

We are aware of this issue. The problem is that the ā€œNot Respondingā€ announcement is coming from Microsoft Windows, and SuperLab is running as intended.

Below are some ways to fix the issue. These are listed in order, try #1 first, and then continue down the list. If one works there is no need to try the other ones.

Most of these ideas require Administrator-level privileges on the computer, so it may be necessary to involve the IT staff in applying these settings.

  1. Set the compatibility mode.
  • Open the folder where the SuperLab program (SuperLab.exe) was installed to (in "Program Files" or somewhere similar).
  • Right-click the SuperLab.exe file and choose "Properties."
  • The "Properties" window that appears should have several tabs. Choose the "Compatibility" tab.
  • Enable "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"
  • Click "Apply" and then click "OK."

(If the XP compatibility does not seem to help, you should try enabling some of the other options on the compatibility tab, such as ā€œDisable visual themesā€, ā€œDisable Desktop Compositionā€, and even ā€œrun this program as an administratorā€)

  1. Remove plugged-in USB thumb drives.

  2. Remove CD/DVD discs from disc bay.

  3. Look for (and install) updated driver for the graphics card.

  4. Look for (and install) updated driver for the trackpad/mouse.