SuperLab Error


I’ve been trying to run an fmri experiment off the superlab program on my laptop. This same program works on other laptops (all Macbook Pros running leopard 10.5.6), but does not work on my computer. I get the following error message.

SuperLab couldn’t find a Lumina controller connected to this computer.

I know the that the lumina controller is plugged in to my computer but this error comes up continually. Do you think I’m missing a driver of sorts? Any help would be hugely appreciated.


Hi Christine,

Are you using a USB-to-serial port adapter? If you are, there are drivers that do need to be installed. You can download them for the following link:

Regarding my last post, I was assuming that you were using the Saelig USB-COM-S adapter. I apologize for the hastiness. If you are not, you can usually find the drivers from the manufactures website.