Superlab crashes


I don’t really need help for this problem, but i thought that maybe it would interest you to know about the problem (if you don’t) in order to try to fix it.

Superlab crashes when I program my experiment (and I get the message “The Application Superlab 4 quit unexpectedly”) each time when I’m in the “event editor”/ “feedback” tab / “Provide Feedback if: there is no response whithin the event’s time limit”, and I click on “Ok, Next” (at the bottom of the dialog box) and my next event doesn’t have this condition (“Provide feedback if there is no response in the event’s time limit”) programmed. And this crash happens in my different experiments.

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Thank you Frédérique for the detailed diagnosis. I’ve opened a bug report in our case tracking system.

I am having a similar problem. When I load stimuli into the event tab, I will get an error message that says SuperLab has encountered a bug and needs to close after deleting/adding a file from the list and hitting okay. It has been happening in a number of different experiments.

This issue has been fixed in SuperLab version 4.5.1.