SuperLab Cloud Re-Running participants

Good morning!

In Cloud is there an easy way to delete participants and have them re-run the experiment? We had a couple of issues but the experiment ID won’t allow the users to try again. I did not see a setting in the cloud dashboard that allowed me to reject them so they could re-run.



You can’t delete participants in Dashboard. But here are a couple of things that might help:

  • When publishing an experiment, there is an option to prevent participants from running an experiment more than once. It is on by default but you might want to turn that off.

  • When the experiment ends, you can discard the unwanted data files.

SuperLab Cloud will send you all the data files as a .zip file when the experiment ends.

Side note: we are working on an update to Data Viewer that would pull all the participant files from your Cloud account so you don’t have to wait for the experiment to end before seeing the data.