SuperLab Capabilities List?

We are currently looking into options for upgrading our lab and it would be helpful to have an idea of the full capabilities of SuperLab so a researcher can determine if it is the right program for their line of research. For example, how SuperLab controls timing of events (sync with refresh rate, what does it do for LCDs), colored text (the word “TEXT” with each letter a different color or only the full word), or accuracy for input devices (voice, key, mouse).

I was able to find most of this info in the forums, through the demo version help file, tinkering with the demo and the main website, but it took a bit of time and searching. Having central web page that helps someone choose your product over another would be very helpful and informative.

Also this link was helpful, but a list of basic features for the SuperLab novice would be useful too.

Thank you,


Hi Marnie,

Alas, we don’t have such a comprehensive list. But we can answer any specific questions that you may have. If you prefer, I can also help you setup the experiment that you need before you even purchase SuperLab – just let me know (that’s usually done over the phone + Internet).

About text color, that’s currently on a per word/sentence basis, not letter by letter.

Thanks for the suggestion,