Superlab cannot detect Stimtracker

My Stimtracker stopped working. I have been using it with SuperLab 4.5.3 to conduct a classical conditioning experiment and until now it has been functioning perfectly. Today, when I tried running the experiment, the following message appeared on the screen "Superlab couldn´t find a ´StimTracker´connected to this computer for sending out Digital Output events´.

At first I though the problem was that I may have forgotten the stimtracker turned off, but to my surprise it was already on (I could see the led on). This message kept appearing even though both photocells are working too (they are responsive to stimulus). I have tried connecting the usb cable in other usb ports of my computer, but it didn´t work. The problem does not seem to be related to the usb ports because evething else (mouse and keypad) are able to function normally when connected to any usb ports.

What is the problem with my stimtracker? I would appreciate some help.


Something could have happened to the driver, can you try downloading the USB driver again? Also, if you have another USB cable I would try that. It is highly unlikely that the USB electronics stopped working inside StimTracker. However, if none of the steps above help we will repair or replace it for you.


I was not able to install the driver again. According to instructions on Cedrus´ website, after downloading and unzipping the file, I should go back to the “Find New Hardware” dialog to tell the computer to install the driver. This dialog did not appear on my screen and I did not know another way to install the driver. I tested another usb cable from one of our printers, but it did not work. Also, I tried connecting the stimtracker to a computer in which the driver (and superlab) had never been installed. The “Found new hardware” dialog did not appear. Does this mean the usb electronics inside stimtracker might have stopped working? What should I do now?

Thanks for your help

I think this will be easiest answered over the telephone. I will contact you via private message to set up a time.