Superlab cannot detect stimtracker device

My stimtracker is not being picked up by the superlab program. I keep getting an error that says “SuperLab did not find the StimTracker 2G nor any other XID device.”

The stimtracker itself appears to turn on appropriately and seems to be correctly receiving input signals based on the led activations. However, it will not show up as an available device in my computer.
I tried redownloading the usb drive and using a new usb cable to connect it to my computer, but neither option worked. I checked that all of the usb ports are working correctly on our computer, but I’m not sure what to do next. Is it possible that the usb port on the stimtracker itself is broken?

Any advice or help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Please download Xidon 2. Can it detect StimTracker?

Also, which specific version of SuperLab are you using? for Mac or Windows?

I am using SuperLab for windows. I tried downloading Xidon 2, but I am still getting the error code.
In the past, I was able to use the old driver to connect stimtracker to superlab with no problem.

It sounds like it might be a hardware fault. It could be StimTracker itself, the USB cable, or the USB port on the computer. Please try using a different USB cable. If that still doesn’t fix it, try on a different computer.

If that still doesn’t fix it, email me.

I just tried with a new cable and downloading it onto a new computer that has the Xidon driver downloaded, and neither option worked.
After that, I disconnected our external input system that was plugged into light sensor 1. That worked and allowed Xidon to identify the stimtracker hardware.

Now you got me curious: what was the external input system?

Also, is your StimTracker one of the newer ones with a USB-C connector?