SuperLab and VMWare problem


I have tried unsuccessfully to run Superlab on a mac machine running VMWare which is a virtual windows program. Is this something that can be remedied?

We do not officially support running SuperLab in a virtual environment due to timing and other considerations. I’m curious though, why do you need to run SuperLab for Windows on a Mac using VMware when you could be using SuperLab for Mac directly?



I use PC’s for data collection, but my personal computer is a Mac and I would like to build the experiments on my mac for convenience. I would not be using the Mac for data collection, so timing would not be an issue.


As I understand the licensing with SL, what would be saved by running in a virtual environment instead of natively? I think nothing at all.

It sounds to me that this might be a situation where one or more run-only licenses on PCs plus a full license for a Mac might be useful. (Cedrus doesn’t advertise the run-only option very much; it costs considerably less and it’s basically regular Superlab but you can’t modify the scenario.)

I hope I’m not out of line to mention this.

Greg Shenaut

The licensing mechanism that SuperLab uses on Windows explicitly denies running inside of either VMWare or VirtualPC. This is not something that SuperLab itself explicitly cares about. Therefore, other virtual environments may still work. For example, we use Parallels here at the office.

I would recommend against the combination recommended by Greg simply for the reason that there are some issues to consider when going between platforms, and if you don’t have a Pro version of SuperLab on Windows, you may not be able to easily resolve the issues.

A viable alternative would be to run BootCamp on your Mac if at all possible. Then you can run SuperLab Pro for Windows natively with full hardware support.